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About the DaneAge Association

DaneAge Association (Ældre Sagen) is a national membership organisation founded in 1986.

DaneAge was founded in 1986 and is a not-for-profit, direct membership organization. DaneAge is independent, non-partisan and neutral regarding party politics, religion, and ethnic origins.

The organization has [Variabel:antal-medlemmer] members and membership is open to all adults (age 18+). DaneAge has 215 local chapters across Denmark and more than [Variabel:antal-frivillige] volunteers working in the local chapters, doing voluntary social work, providing local membership activities, local advocacy, etc.

The headquarters is based in Copenhagen with a staff of approximately 150 (FTE).

The mission

The mission of DaneAge is to fight for a society in which all can live long and good lives. A society in which the individual is more important than their age, it is possible to live and flourish on their own terms, and support and care is available for those who need it.

To ensure this we undertake the following activities

Advocacy through an ongoing dialogue with the government and the public, promoting a society without age barriers and ageism:

  • Adequate pension incomes for retired persons
  • A health care system without age discrimination
  • Sufficient and high quality home care for citizens in need of this
  • Flexible homes and multi-generational local communities
  • A labor market appreciating and utilizing the skills and resources of mature persons

Provide knowledge and information to the public on the diversity of ageing:

  • Six annual issues of the membership magazine (which is read by 1/3 of all Danes aged 50+ and is in the top three of all Danish magazines)
  • Information, views and policy recommendations on this website
  • Daily contact with the media (newspapers, TV, radio)

Provide assistance, support and counseling:

  • Social-humanitarian work, strengthening the networks of older people living alone, escorting them to hospitals, etc.
  • Lawyers and other professionals provide free-of-charge and impartial advice and counsel

Provide knowledge, tools and education to help people make informed decisions that can ensure them a life on their own terms: An annually updated fact-book on legal, social, financial and health matters for 50+

Organize meetings, activities and networking for people: Our local chapters organize more than [Variabel:antal-arrangementer] membership activities every year, e.g. hiking, Nordic walking, petanque,introduction to the Internet, foreign languages, card games, dance classes, etc.

Offer value-added membership benefits: Discounts on insurance products, bank services, car rentals, opticians, fitness club membership, cell phones, computers; special offers on traveling, concerts etc. All offered via endorsed providers.

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